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Special Pricing- 1 Child 1 Lesson Each Week

1-on-1 (30 Minute) lesson each week. $130 per child, monthly, automatically charged to a credit card. Cancel any time by selecting an end date for the plan. No refunds of partially used plans.
Weekly recurring lesson can be scheduled by text or email.
Lesson may be cancelled without loss of lesson through your account up to 1 hour before lesson by selecting the appointment, then selecting "Cancel Registration." Lesson can be rescheduled anytime after rollover lesson is added to your account. Rollover lesson will be added to your account after missed lesson week is complete. Only 1 rollover visit can be held on each child's plan. Rollover will remain on customer account until used or until plan ends.
Only 1 lesson can be scheduled each week unless a rollover visit is being used.
Rescheduling a future visit will require a text or email to Little Fins
Little Fins Text: (719) 344-5328
Email: littlefinsswimschoolcolorado@gmail.com

Plan details

  • 1 visit per Week
  • Unused visits can roll over to the next week (up to 1)

Group rates

Each person has 1 visit per week

1 person $130
2 people or more $130

Everyone shares 1 visit per week

1 person $130
2 people or more $130