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Terms and conditions for Monthly Lessons - Beginner Instructor - 1 Lesson Per Week

Terms and Conditions for Recurring Plans:

A recurring plan includes one 1-on-1 (30 minute) lesson each week. Payment is automatically charged to a credit card each month. All recurring plans have a 3 month minimum. Cancel any time after 3 months by selecting an end date for the plan. All sales are final/non-refundable.

Scheduling options:

  1. Some parents have rotating schedules and like to schedule week-by-week. If you choose to schedule week-by-week we cannot guarantee the same instructor or times will be available each week.

  1. Our most popular option is to pick a date/time/instructor and stay with them recurring. If you have a week you need to cancel/reschedule then you can work with your instructor or our admins to reschedule one lesson. When starting lessons at Little Fins, we work to keep you with the same instructor each week. You may have to come to a different day/time to begin, until we find a recurring spot that works for your swimmer. Call or text to reserve a specific weekly recurring time (719) 344-5328.

Lessons may be canceled through your online account up to 24 hours before the lesson with no charge. Lessons canceled with less than 24 hour notice may be rescheduled for a $15 fee. No call/no shows will not receive a refund or lesson credit. No exceptions.

Thank you for understanding that saying "COVID" or any illness does not change our policy. Each lesson time is reserved for your one-on-one appointment. We are unable to fill that lesson time when canceled within 24 hours. Little Fins does not allow visibly ill/sick people to be in our facilities. If you or your child is ill/sick please reschedule.


  • Our system will only allow for 1 rollover lesson at a time for each plan.

  • Rollover lessons must be used before the plan is terminated or rollover will be lost.

  • Rollover lessons must be used before another rollover is accrued, otherwise you will have lost a rollover.

  • One (1) lesson may be scheduled each week with the exception of a rollover lesson. Additional lessons will be lost if missed.

  • The ONLY exception to this would be pre-planned vacations. If you know that you will miss 2 or more weeks in a row, please text scheduling at 719-344-5328 BEFORE the weeks you will be missing. With advanced notice we will notate your account and allow up to 3 additional lessons to be added. More than 3 lessons will require us to cancel your current plan and restart after returning.

If we are unable to hold the class/lesson due to any fault on our behalf, a County/State/Federal Mandate, or due to severe weather, we will make every effort to provide you with an alternative option of rescheduling the class/lesson to a later date/time, within a reasonable amount of time.

Little Fins Scheduling Call/Text: (719) 344-5328

Email: lfsshelp@gmail.com